Final Destination.

Yesterday, my cousin’s husband posted on Facebook: “Thank God i didn’t end up working in Vegas God has other plans for me i was going to work that event (Sonny).”

This morning, my other cousin posted: “My brother n law Sonny just passed away :(.” 

Um….woah. WOAH. First of all, I feel it’s in bad form to post something like that on social media before the rest of the family even had a chance to find out. That irritates me, but I digress. Secondly, Sonny was in (from what I know) good health and just like any other day, was going to carry on with life but sadly, didn’t even wake up this morning.

Floods of comments and posts “praying” and offering condolences appeared faster than I could keep up with, while scrolling to try to find out what the hell happened. Then I called my other cousin and asked if she read that post, she said her mom already called her. Then she brought up a good point…she said “I don’t know, that’s some final destination shit.” Referring to the movie, Final Destination, where (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen it) a group of teenagers “escape death” by getting kicked off a plane that shortly after takeoff, crashed. From then, death tumultuously progressed from one person to another who missed the flight. One accident after another picked off each person in the order they would have died, if they would have stayed on the flight.

The movie posed the question, is our death planned out for us? And by whom? Would we live differently if we knew the date and cause of our own death? I am not heartless, I am saddened by Sonny’s death. I am confused as to what happened. I am thinking about the last time I saw him, probably a year ago. He was a funny guy who you could joke around with. I liked Sonny and he seemed to make my cousin happy all these years. I feel so sad for their children.

But making sense of a sudden death for me, means over-analyzing it in even the most unforeseen ways, such as linking it to a “Final Destination” type scenario. Sonny, less than 24 hours ago, told Facebook that he was supposed to be in Las Vegas at the music festival where the worst mass shooting in U.S. history occurred. Claiming that “God has other plans for me” really irked me when I originally read it, but now I’m thinking about death. Death, as a “God.”

Everyone claims God to be a creator, but is [any] God also a destroyer? There’s much debate about the role a God plays in life, creating it, ending it…but if any spiritual being is one that takes life away, why worship said spiritual being? We punish humans for ending lives, but some feel it’s “God’s plan” when lives end? Hmmm….

That paradoxical question, I fear, will never have an answer. Ever. So why did Sonny die? Was it simply “his time” or “God’s plan” and because of whatever reason he missed working the music festival as he normally would, death decided to take him anyway? Is death also a spiritual being? I have so many questions.

The only thing certain in life is death. Imagine if we knew when we are going to die. Would we avoid everything that particular day just to “stay safe.” Or, would death eventually find us and take life anyway, as it did in the movie. When is my time? When is yours? If we smack death in the face by gratefully notifying others we were “glad we missed it,” will we then be punished regardless? Conclusively, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. We live to die and we die to live. Though we can’t live in a safety bubble nor can we avoid the moment our life is cut short. Even if we seemingly do avoid it, we will ultimately, whether we’re ready or not, reach the unfortunate finish line.

So death…a mysterious part of life and as I stated, the only certainty in it, WHY? It makes you think though, or at least I hope it does…there are so many ways to die, but there are just as many if not more, ways to live. While Sonny and the victims of Sunday’s shooting are now as we say, “resting in peace” I implore you…do your best to also live in peace.

There’s a saying that I love: “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” So knowing we will eventually reach our final destination, get there with laughter, love, happiness, knowledge, and experiences that will make you look back and know that when it is your time to go, you’ve lived wonderfully and can look death in the face and simply say, “okay.”

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